GEAG has been promoting peri-urban agriculture in 200 hectares of Gorakhpur especially with small and marginal and woman farmers. The interventions are aimed at reducing risks and vulnerabilities of the poor population dependant on peri-urban agriculture and also of the flood affected population of the city. The underlying strategy is to make peri-urban farming economically viable among the farmers and demonstrate new techniques of farming which is climate resilient.

A peek at what these interventions were, and how innovations by these peri-urban farmers has proved that peri-urban farming can be remunerative, making their livelihoods profitable and resilient.

These stories have been documented as an outcome of a project titled ‘Enhancing Climate Resilience of Gorakhpur city by Buffering Floods through Climate Resilient Peri-urban Agriculture’, supported by The Rockefeller Foundation, USA.

This is the second series of real life stories of peri-urban farmers, originally featured in the booklet ‘Peri-Urban Agriculture & Ecosystems: Resilient Narratives’ by Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group (GEAG), 2016

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