Disasters cannot be predicted, especially in this uncertain age of climate change. And picking up the pieces after a disaster has ravaged a town is not very fruitful. Damage to life and property can be immensely reduced if the risks of disasters can be identified, assessed and reduced well in time.

Main streaming CCA-DRR integration in the disaster plan of a city can result in a robust plan of action, one in which all the stakeholders are involved, participative and their capacities for build-back-better enhanced.

The revised DDMP of Puri in Odisha did just that.

It not only focused on adaptive and resilience building measures, but came up with key recommendations for individual departments to follow in the future. These clear cut, practical proposals for some departments are:

Health & Family Welfare
• Earmark fund for additional 30 % procurement of essential medicines for emergency situation
• Fill up the vacant medical and paramedical staff positions in coastal areas immediately.
• Cover all coastal area Community Health Centre’s with alternate power back up system

District Rural Development Agency
• Train all Panchayat members and departmental staff on disaster response
• Use MGNREGA money in draining out excess rain water from water logged areas.
• Increase convergence with other departments
• Make available storage facility/fund for producer groups under livelihood mission
• Requirement of increasefor all housing schemes to meet out higher construction cost of design as per local scenario
• RCC roof should to be mandated in all housing schemes

Urban Local Bodies
• Puri Municipality and the notified area councils such as Konark, Pipli and Neemapara are major urban hubs in the district which need attention in disaster management planning
• Review and revision of the building regulations required (Must consider cyclones)
• Construct additional multipurpose cyclone shelters required
• Review for storm water drainage system capacity
• Design drains to optimally discharge runoff from moderate to extreme precipitation events
• Provide alternative backup power for maintaining functionality of water supply system during disasters

This is an excerpt from a revised DDMP,  formulated with the integration of CCA-DRR concerns, undertaken by  Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group (GEAG) on a CDKN supported intervention in Puri district of Odisha, for Integrating Climate Change Concerns into Disaster Management and Development Planning .


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